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Who We Are



Elegance, quality & luxury

Abelard was born out of the expertise of three generations of shirtmakers and a company founded in 1922. Elegance, quality and luxury have always been the ‘fabric’ of the brand. The brand is named after “Abelard” who was a medieval French Philosopher and Theological Scholar. He achieved fame through Europe for his writings and philosophies. He later achieved infamy by pursuing a relationship with the pious beauty Heloise against her family’s wishes. She had a son out of wedlock, and was then forced into life as a nun. Theirs is one of history’s great unrequited love stories.


Contemporary European design

The aesthetic is contemporary, incorporating European design heritage and touches on trend. Classic collar and cuff shapes evolved with an eye to current trends. With a focus on fabric, fit and clean contemporary detail; Abelard appeals to men who take pleasure in dressing well. Elegant, sharp and clever. Offering both Classic (core customer) and Slim (new customer) Fits – Abelard remains a key destination for the Australian shirt customer.

Using the decades of shirt making experience at its disposal, Abelard continue to offer superior quality garments. All shirts are finished with L.A. to give beautiful softness and drape, whilst giving a better wash and iron performance than ordinary cotton. Finer, glossier Cotton Yarn is used on all Abelard shirts; which naturally resists wrinkling and gives beauty, drape and sheen. The high manufacturing standards that are required for every Abelard shirt also reduces the need for ironing. By sewing with perfect tension and more stitches per inch, and by using only the highest quality European fusing materials, the shirts show less puckering after washing.